St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre in the 21st century

The Classical Tutu Conspiracy

On the shores of lake Hanna, near the border of South Beales, there resides an old, established ballet theatre by the name of The Beales Theatre For The Performing Arts. There, students of all ages learn the steps of classical ballet under the strict and watchful eye of teacher and choreographer Madame Rochas. Not only is she strict, she also carries a stick to make sure all the ballet students understand exactly who the master of classroom is.

The Meanest Ballet Choreographer In The World

Antoinette Rochas, or Madame as the students call her, is an imposing figure that strikes fear in anyone who meets her. Even if she is only as tall as a 10 year old child. During class, Madame paces the studio floor holding a sharp stick that she pokes the dancers with if they don't suit her instructions to the letter. One leg out of turn or a poorly executed pirouette sends Madame over with the stick for a sharp poking and an equally embarrassing tongue lashing.

It can be understood that the ballet students working under the tutelage of Ms. Rochas are less than happy. Unfortunately, the ballet students are preparing for a performance of The Swan Lake Ballet which makes Madame even meaner than normal. During any type of rehearsal, Madame's stick seems to work overtime poking, prodding and demanding absolute perfection.

Madame Rochas Announces A Rehearsal

One evening during class, Madame announces a dress rehearsal for Swan Lake. The next day all students are to report to the theatre stage in full costume for preparation of a venue at the Geneva Opera House Theatre in Switzerland. The theatre's principal female dancer, Margarite, and the rest of the corp members arrive in full costume and make-up the next day and begin rehearsal. All of them are dreading correction by the mean Madame.

Madame Attacks A Swan

As Margerite begins her interpretation of the dying swan, Madame's face turns cherry red. With fury she grabs the swan head-dress from Margerite's head and proceeds to rip out the feathers whilst screaming obscenities about lazy ballerinas and good-for-nothing dancers. Normally, Margerite tries very hard to ignore Madame's sharp tongue and equally sharp stick. This time she has gone too far. The site of goose feathers all over the stage is the last straw. Margerite decides to plan revenge.

The Beales Theatre Dancers Plan Revenge

After rehearsal, Margerite gathers all the ballet dancers together in the dressing room to plot revenge. Madame needs to be taught a lesson. The dancers decide to teach Madame a lesson during opening night at the Geneva Opera House. There, Madame will be dressed in her finest. She will be expecting hundreds of people to fawn over her and tell her how wonderful the performance was. There will only be one problem. Her corp wont be there.

Madame Rochas And Her Poking Stick Are Stranded

At the Swiss airport terminal, the entire corp disappear leaving Madame stranded. She quickly rents a car with temporary car insurance for a day and drives back to South Beales in a fury. As she enters the dance studio she is quickly surrounded by her students, each pointing a sharp stick in her direction. Needless to say, Madame Rochas has now retired from choreography and works on a goose farm in France. She still buys 1 day car insurance occasionally though.


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