Jean Couty: prominent figure of the French painting of the XXth century

The work of Jean Couty, a modern painter of the XXᵉ century, is inspired by the labour of men, the beauty of landscapes and the strength of religious feeling. He particularly liked to paint the settings of Lyon, his native city, as well as the Romanesque churches of France. Picasso was a fervent admirer of his artistic work.

A major figure of French painting!

Jean Couty was born in 1907 in Lyon. He was one of the great figures of modern and contemporary French painting of the 20th century and his work is still very important. In 1950, he was awarded the "Prix de la Critique de Paris" and in 1975 the "Grand Prix Des Peintres Témoins De Leur Époque". In Lyon, his birthplace, a museum located a stone's throw from his family home and studio has been entirely dedicated to him. Art lovers going to Lyon are advised to plan a visit to the Jean Couty Museum. Here they can discover the artistic work of the great Lyon painter. Other renowned artists are also the subject of temporary exhibitions there.

A real witness to his time!

The painter that is Jean Couty devoted his life to modern and contemporary painting. He loved to paint not only the scenery of his city of Lyon and its surrounding landscapes but also the Romanesque churches and the cities of the world that prompted his interest. In his artistic work, he transcribed scenes of daily life, social compositions and portraits of women and men he had met. If you were to put all his paintings together, you would get a surprisingly lyrical mural, which is realistic, dramatic and hopeful at the same time. If you do not get the opportunity to visit the Jean Coty Museum in Lyon, go to a quality art gallery to admire the artistic work of a painter who was a witness to his time.

Discover the Jean Coty’s work

Jean Coty is a prominent figure of 20th century painting and his artistic work is exhibited alongside the greatest. During his lifetime, numerous exhibitions in France and abroad have honored his career and many salons have hosted his works. Today, his artwork can be found in the great museums of France such as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris or the Saint Pierre Museum in Lyon. If you wish to acquire a work by this emblematic 20th-century painter, head to a renowned art gallery!

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