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What’s new in the world of theatre, cinema, exhibitions and culture?

The cultural world is always evolving and keeps offering us crisp news. Whether in the universe of cinema, theatre or exhibitions, there is always new development one should know about. Exhibitions According to the lockdown ending strategy, some cultural venues…

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Rouge at the Montparnasse Theatre: a masterly stage production!

Rouge, a masterful play by John Logan touches upon Mark Rothko, a painter who goes into conflict with his assistant, a truly surprising scene! Still, it seems unusual to see a play that highlights the story of a painter. There…

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Dirty Hands by Jean-Paul Sartre: a play that has hardly aged!

Comedy, politics, drama and many other areas still remain the inspiration behind theatrical plays today. The creators mixed drama with comedy or politics with comedy, the aim being to make each scene in the picture come alive naturally. Although many…

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The best venues to see a theatre play in Paris?

There will always be something new with arts in Paris. Indeed, theatre lovers can attend films, concerts, musicals, one-man shows and much more. In that respect, here is a list of the best venues in the French capital. The Casino…

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