The major works of Jean-Claude Novaro

Jean-Claude Novaro's talent for glassmaking was witnessed at an early age. He was passionate about this art and did not hesitate to consult the masters of the Antibes glassworks to develop his knowledge. He was himself appointed master glassmaker after years of sacrifice and dedication. His career path is unique but he quickly gained popularity among collectors and art lovers.

Who was Jean-Claude Navaro?

Jean-Claude Navaro was born in 1943 and passed away in 2015. The glass enthusiast that he was obtained the title of master glassmaker at the age of 20. Jean-Claude Novaro's works are exhibited in the most important museums and galleries in France and abroad. Even many years later, his works continue to fascinate art lovers and collectors. The man excelled in everything he touched, be it painting, sculpture, prints, watercolour drawing, glass objects, lighting, furniture, etc. His overflowing imagination and his passion allowed him to create creations of great beauty. After an antique dealer bought about thirty of his creations from him at once, sales multiplied and his glass factory in Biot could hardly cope with the influx of orders from all over France and the world.

Jean-Claude Novaro exhibited all over the world

The works of Jean-Claude Novaro still fascinate lots of art enthusiasts and are exhibited in the greatest museums as well as the best art galleries worldwide. The artist loved colours and knew how to combine bright colours with the thickness of glass to create original creations of all sizes. We can mention his atypical lightings, his landscape bottles, bubbles and faces taken in glass, monuments... You can acquire one of his works in renowned art galleries such as Estades which regularly exhibits collections signed by Jean-Claude Novaro. If you happen to not be familiar with the work of this genius artist yet, you can go to the glass factory of Biot.

The king of Glass

This is how the Americans nicknamed Jean-Claude Novaro. What you may not know yet is that he also happens to be the creator of several sports and cultural trophies that bear his name, including the 1986 trophy of champions of L'Equipe or the golf championship trophies. Thanks to their irregular shapes, his glass compositions give an unreal appearance. His genius colourings catch the eye and one discovers pieces with unique reflections. Jean-Claude Novaro knew how to work with materials like no other and he pushed the limits of his art. He also constantly innovated new techniques to create new works of art. "The Clown", a sculpture in blown glass, is particularly striking for the finesse of its work. From glass to crystal, the range of shapes, colours and sizes is endless. If you own one of Jean-Claude Novaro's artworks, you can have it appraised by a gallery owner.

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