What made Louis Toffoli’s works known all over the world?

An artist is known as an individual who creates art. However, a real one is recognized by his works and especially his signature, especially when it's known all over the world. Everyone talks about him or her and everyone knows something about him or her. Being a connoisseur also requires passion and interest in the maker.

Who is Louis Toffoli?

As a painter and reproducer of copies made with ink on limestone, Louis Toffoli is declared to be the best Trieste painter of all time. Before he became a renowned artist, he went through several experiences that forged his personality and guided him to be who he is and what he has become. In 1935, with the help of the Ministry of Colonies, his first exhibition took place and his composition won first prize.

Louis Toffoli's works

Louis Toffoli's works are mainly oil on canvas, gouache and painting. He was one of the best creators out there during his artistic life. Each of his works is sold at a high price, ranging between 100 and 11,100 euros in both free sales and auctions: - The Embroiderer showing a woman doing embroidery - Music Painting which shows a character with a musical instrument - The Florist showing an abstract lady with flowers This list does not even cover 1% of Louis Toffoli's works, but what is most noticeable about his works is that he was inspired by real events that daily impacted everyone's life.

The reasons why Louis Toffoli was and still is known all over the world

Louis Toffoli's works are well known throughout the world and by all generations for the simple reason that in his paintings, the lights are translucent, give an impression of reality and act as if they were coming out of the painting. Toffoli seemed to be intimate with the characters in his works. What he paints comes out of reality as well as from situations he has experienced with his relatives. This is why everyone can understand what he evokes in his works, from generation to generation and from one situation to another, a work that seems banal because of its simple characteristics, but which reflects a whole lived experience. The history of his works since his first award and the ones that followed are still recognized and talked about by art lovers.

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