An overview of Françoise De Felice’s work

If you are not yet familiar with her work as a painter, do not hesitate to visit an art gallery that exhibits her works as her artwork is remarkable. Over the years she has created her own style by going back in time. Discover some of her works and read her biography.

Who is Françoise DE FELICE?

The painter was born in Paris in 1952 to a French mother and an Italian father. She spent a part of her childhood and adolescence in the French capital. At the initiative of her grandmother, she studied graphic art, being very interested in anything related to art and painting. A few years later, she entered the Sorbonne and the École des Beaux-Arts. She immersed herself in the world of impressionist painters, which fascinated her immensely. In 1982, she left France to live in Sicily. It was there that she adopted a new style of painting marked by precise and rather fine lines. Some time later, she decided to leave the island to settle permanently in the French capital. You can explore some of the works of Françoise DE FELICE available for sale at Estades, an art gallery renowned for its professionalism and huge experience in the field of art.

A style of her own

Over the years, Françoise DE FELICE has developed her own style. Her paintings are inspired by the feminine universe and reflect both softness and melancholy. If we take a closer look at her work, we can perceive a poetic note that denotes a struggle against malaise. She takes great pleasure in telling the stories of women of the past. It is thanks to this journey into the past that this distinctive style has emerged, which features in all her creative work. Françoise DE FELICE uses with talent the colours and varies the supports to make the emotions, the love, the sadness and the eroticism speak. All the best art galleries devote regular exhibitions to this talented painter.

Numerous prizes and awards

If you want to discover or rediscover the work of Françoise DE FELICE, you will have no trouble finding a gallery that showcases her creations. The artist has been rewarded many times. The Madeleine Coudrec prize in 2016 and the General Council prize in 2000 are only a few of the many awards she has been granted. She loves to paint portraits of women and she knows how to do it beautifully. Take a quick look at her work and you will be convinced.

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