Dirty Hands by Jean-Paul Sartre: a play that has hardly aged!

Comedy, politics, drama and many other areas still remain the inspiration behind theatrical plays today. The creators mixed drama with comedy or politics with comedy, the aim being to make each scene in the picture come alive naturally. Although many people still wish to relive these moments, the plays are now available in all versions.

Dirty Hands, the work of a great tale!

Jean-Paul Sartre's tale was first performed before the public in 1948 in Paris, the great capital of theatre. At that time, many people gathered in the halls of the big city to enjoy the works of the great filmmakers. Today, these plays are still returning to the stage, in a more improved and livelier way. However, few spectators manage to book tickets for the occasion, faced with hectic daily life and unavoidable tasks. As demonstrated by Foud'Art blog theatre which is a sharing page for the best theatres, you can enjoy these moments of laughter and drama again.

A political concept that has hardly aged!

Even today, Jean-Paul Sartre's plays refer to the political, family and love situation of modern man. They are not only appreciated in their form but also in their content, with the speeches and the quality of the actors. All plays become livelier than in the past, especially with the best talents of the characters. New generations have almost no taste for theatre until it becomes present on TVs, smartphones and the internet. Another explanation is that 'Dirty Hands' contains an uneven concept of the political situation and the conflict of tendencies in a party. A situation still very much present in the modern world.

Still relevant in modern history!

History always repeats itself. The concept of two divided parties, each supporting their own thought and political ideology, is no different. Jean-Paul Sartre brings out several themes in his play, such as the need for commitment where you have to be totally definite in your decision. He ensured that the conflict between pragmatism and idealism of the time was brought to the stage. Revisiting these tragedies on stage can still be difficult, given the established programme. However, you can find all the pictures on the theatre blog where you can also select from many scene suggestions, including Jean-Paul Sartre's Dirty Hands.

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