What’s new in the world of theatre, cinema, exhibitions and culture?

The cultural world is always evolving and keeps offering us crisp news. Whether in the universe of cinema, theatre or exhibitions, there is always new development one should know about.


According to the lockdown ending strategy, some cultural venues will reopen, but art galleries have not been mentioned in the released calendar. This is a choice that leaves people quite confused, as these are places that have large spaces that allow for compliance with health protocols. However, you can continue to follow the cultural news in online blogs like FOUD'ART. Indeed, we still have to wait a while before you can attend an exhibition. It is important to note that this lockdown ending policy does not apply to the whole of France, but only to certain parts.


Cinema, also known as the seventh art, is a vast world that is relished all over the world and captivates young and old people alike. Indeed, there are a number of trailers that have lately intrigued fans, such as that of Venom: Let There Be Carnage directed by Andy Serkis. With millions of dollars earned in just three days, the best film opening since the pandemic was attributed to the Jason Statham: Angry Man film directed by Guy Ritchie. There is also Mission: Impossible 7 directed by Tom Cruise, which managed to film in all four corners of the globe in the middle of the pandemic. He was able to do this safely and the film is scheduled for release on 27 May 2022.


The theatre world has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Artists were only performing in empty theatres while recording. But venues are now starting to reopen their doors while respecting health regulations. Thanks to the announced end of lockdowns, some cultural venues will reopen and be able to welcome seated audiences again. The number of spectators is however limited to 800 to 1000. Access to an event for more than 1000 people is also possible, but only for people with a vaccine passport. It is therefore likely that certain venues and events will only be accessible to people who have already been vaccinated.

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