Rouge at the Montparnasse Theatre: a masterly stage production!

Rouge, a masterful play by John Logan touches upon Mark Rothko, a painter who goes into conflict with his assistant, a truly surprising scene! Still, it seems unusual to see a play that highlights the story of a painter. There are indeed many surprises and interesting facts in this play. Learn about them here...

Rouge: an outstanding play!

The Montparnasse theatre started the season with a play called 'Rouge'. As a matter of fact, theatre these days tends to summon the visual arts to the stage. In the same vein, this unique play highlights art history and painting. It is a text edited by John Logan, an American screenwriter, which was released in 2009. The production of Rouge au théâtre Montparnasse would be a real success thanks to the collaboration of big names in film and theatre. Among them is Jacques GABEL who is in charge of the scenography and Joël HOURBEIGT in the handling of the lights for the incredible French adaptation by Jean-Marie BESSET, not forgetting the famous director Jérémie LIPPMANN!

The play's synopsis

"Rouge" is one of those plays that deal with the relationship between a master and his pupil. In this play, the story is based on the life of a famous painter named "Mark Rothko" from 1903 to 1970. He spends his time working on a large commission that is about to be displayed on the wall of a large restaurant in New York. Ken, his young assistant, admired him strongly, but as time went on, he began to protest against his intellectual control, hence the oratory duel between them. These two characters are played by Niels ARESTRUP as the sarcastic but brilliant painter and Alexis MONCORGÉ as the shy young apprentice who has become a protester, a real power duo!

Masterful staging!

The work carried out led to a surprising result. Indeed, the collaboration of all these talented people allowed the Montparnasse theatre to deliver such a grandiose show in Paris. Details such as the set, costumes and lighting are well researched and concrete. Not to mention the fact that the text is moving and the characters' lines are totally cult-like. Thanks to Jérémie LIPPMANN, the staging proved to be masterful and instructive. The two actors also give a remarkable performance in the workshop. See you at Montparnasse to discover this magnificent play and to enjoy a beautiful evening of outstanding entertainment!

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