Magicians, contortionists, acrobats, musicians: how did cabaret reinvent itself?

There is nothing more soothing than having a few drinks while listening to good music. Thousands of people attend cabaret shows to enjoy a few hours of relaxation in a festive place. Apart from singing and music concerts, dance, magic and acrobatic performances are also part of the cabaret show. 

What is a cabaret exactly? 

A cabaret is literally a closed space for serving drinks. In order to brighten the atmosphere and encourage consumption, a stage is provided to offer a mini-concert. Most cabarets are scheduled at the end of the evening in order to target mainly workers who have just had a long, busy day.  The cabaret usually invites the most famous singers and musicians. Customers come as a couple or in groups of friends to have fun. Even single people can have a date at the cabaret!

The cabaret, a stage open to all artists

The cabaret has always been a stage reserved for singers. Consumers appreciate beautiful songs while enjoying drinks, snacks and even delicious food. The establishments usually choose a specific theme to attract the maximum number of customers. For instance, small concerts with the theme of retro songs from the 60s to the 80s target people in their 40s and older. However, over time, the cabaret has almost lost its fame. Fortunately, organisers are constantly looking for innovative ideas to keep the audience on their toes. Cabarets now bring together not only singers and musicians, but also poets, slam poets, magicians, contortionists and acrobats. Customers are kept entertained for a few hours by programming original shows until midnight. The cabaret posters list the participation of two or three artists from different fields. 

Cabaret shows are now available online!

In the present age of digitalization, online shows are becoming popular. Cabaret establishments also embraced live shows to attract internet users from all over the world. In order to attend, all you have to do is buy a ticket online. A link and a secret code will be provided to guarantee connection to the platform at cabaret time.  To enjoy a cabaret without leaving your couch, always check out the organisers' offers online. Subscribe to the websites of the best cabarets in your area and check out online information on the artists who will be hosting the show each night.

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