Swan Lake: Tchaikovsky’s romanticism at its best!

There are several ballet interpretations of Swan Lake. You should know that its first appearance in 1877 was a real train wreck that caused bitterness to its composer. Nevertheless, Pyotrllich Tchaikovsky put all his talent on the orchestra and the melody in this musical work.

What are the stories told in this ballet Swan Lake?

The choreography of Swan Lake tells the story of a prince who was to be married and instead of deciding on one of his majestic suitors, he fell in love with a swan princess. Prince Siegfried loved the swan princess, Odette, so much that he made her martyred by a spell cast inflicted by the horrible wizard Rothbart. She was a swan all day and became human again in the evening. Swan Lake is an adventure based on a German legend, which is called The Unwrapped Veil. Ever since its emergence, the image of the swan princess keeps appearing frequently in Slavic and Germanic storytelling. It is a sign of dominance, solemn beauty and innocence.

How did the traditional ballet Swan Lake come to be so popular?

Even though its first version failed, other talented artists showed their skills to make the Swan Lake ballet interpretation unforgettable. It was in 1911 that Paris was privileged to experience Swan Lake, with the help of the Russian Ballet Company. It was Rudolf Nureyev who unavoidably succeeded in leaving a memorable mark on the legend of Swan Lake. In addition to being a brilliant artist, in 1980 he was also the leader of the Paris Opera. He restored the value of the male characters in his choreography of the tale of a prince torn between his duty and his desire to capture an unreachable love. The famous Rudolf Nureyev also played the role of the prince, adding a solo dance at the end so that the character could display his feelings and sadness.

What else is there to know about Swan Lake?

Being a dancer and playing the character of the prince and the swan princess is a triumph in itself. Even with such a remarkable achievement and a perfect method of dancing, one must have the ability to personify the hero of the story. Swan Lake is a traditional work of art and also a kind of legacy in terms of innovation and design. The legend, the music and the choreography are all enigmatic, yet the interpretation has an unceasing place among the active spectacle.

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